Todd Klassy   Professional Photographer/ Multimedia Storyteller

Todd Klassy

Professional Photographer/ Multimedia Storyteller


Hi! My name is Todd Klassy and I am a professional photographer and multimedia storyteller. I specialize in farm photography, ranch photography, and photos of Montana. I spend much of
my time making photographs of remote, rural places and the interesting people who live there.

I hope my photos of Montana show my fondness for the state where I find many of the subjects
that distinguish my photographs.  When I’m not making agriculture and farm photos, cowboy
photos, and photos of Montana, I am busy making western travel photos, horse photos, and photos of rural America for agricultural companies, ad agencies, and the publishing industry. My forte is also industrial photography, including photos of telecommunications, oil and gas, electric, construction, and technology related industries.  I currently call Havre home, but consider the rural roads of Montana my home as I travel from one corner of the state making photos and video.


Becky Miller


As a Senior manager in the hospitality industry, I had the privilege to have worked for a major  hotel chain and worked very intricately in all aspects of design.  I also had the pleasure of taking the lead on a new construction project for a hotel for the same major chain. My marketing background also has allowed me to work with and lead many entities in the tourism world to implement many marketing efforts in and around Central Montana.

I look forward to sharing my love of the beautiful state of Montana with others in the aspect of art.  We are here to have our friends tell us how they would like to incorporate art into their world.